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The cost of a survey can vary widely depending on multiple factors such as location, scope of work, property size, vegetation and/or site conditions, availability of nearby historic survey records, and existence of nearby historic land corners.  Often the Surveyor will need to complete preliminary research based on information provided by the inquiring party prior to providing a quoted cost.  There is typically no charge associated with requesting a quote.

Each State has specific requirements for practicing as a Licensed Land Surveyor.  A person must be a Licensed Land Surveyor or working under the direct supervision of a Licensed Land Surveyor to legally mark boundary lines.

The need for a survey usually arises when property ownership is transferred or when improvements are made to the property such as the construction of a fence, house or other structure.  An inquiry with your local planning and zoning representatives regarding any requirements they may have for new construction is recommended.   A disagreement about the location of boundary lines amongst adjoining property owners will often require the services of a qualified Licensed Land Surveyor.

An “ALTA” survey is a boundary survey prepared to a set minimum of standards that have been jointly prepared and adopted by the American Land Title Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors.  The survey shows improvements, easements, rights-of-way and other elements impacting land ownership.  Refer to the following link for latest requirements for ALTA/NSPS surveys. 

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A variety of materials have historically been used to mark property and land corners and lines such as iron pipes/pins, rebar, wood posts, and stone monuments.  Today, the most common material used is an iron pipe/pin or rebar capped with a plastic or metal cap denoting the Surveyors assigned State license number or name.  ALTA Land Survey Company typically uses rebar which is typically 18"-24" long with a red plastic cap placed on top and marked with a temporary 4’ wood lath.

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